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Podcast Episode 24 – Professor James Stern discusses Knick v. Township of Scott

Podcast 24  - A Review of Knick v. Township of Scott with Professor James Stern of the William & Mary Law School Welcome to  Episode ...
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Podcast Episode 23 – The Legislative Side of Eminent Domain featuring Marissa Patton of Texas Farm BureauSleeve Casual Shift Daily Solid Dress Short Women V Pockets Summer neck YqHYZ

  Episode 23 is "The Legislative Side of Eminent Domain." Our guest is Marissa Patton, the Associate Legislative Director for the Texas Farm Bureau.  We ...

Podcast Episode 22 – Condemnation Issues in Colorado featuring Sarah Kellner

In Episode 22 of the Eminent Domain Podcast, we have a great episode for you titled "Condemnation Issues in Colorado." Our guest is Sarah Kellner.  ...
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Podcast Episode 21 – Hospitality Condemnation from the Client Side featuring Ellison Riley of CorePoint Lodging

In Episode 21 of the Eminent Domain Podcast, we have a great episode for you titled "Hospitality Condemnation from the Client Side." Our guest today ...
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Clint Schumacher is the host of The Eminent Domain Podcast which can be found on iTunes and Stitcher. Additionally, Clint is a popular speaker on the topic of eminent domain. He is often called upon to speak on the subject to industry professionals, other lawyers and law students around the country.

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Clint has represented property owners of all sizes that are being impacted by public projects. Over the last twenty years, Clint has developed a particular expertise in condemnation for highway projects.

He is able both to work with condemning authority to try to minimize impacts and, when that fails, seek full compensation for the owner.


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